We always enjoy getting feedback from our workshops and are happy to share some of the latest with you.

Bridgette, Cape Town
Foster Mum, Home From Home
“Working with clay was an incredible thing to do. It reminds me of how the children are when they come to us, like clay –rough and unformed, but with care and nurturing as mothers we are able to turn the children into beautiful works of art.”

Nicole Rudlin, Hout Bay
Life Centre – Team Leader at James House Child and Youth Care Centre
“I think the Youth Workshops with clay were phenomenal. The impact was marked. For many of the youth it was the first time they had ever worked with clay. They were so pleased with themselves. When they saw the end result of their efforts, many of them brimmed with pride. This was huge for these young people, who very seldom get an opportunity to feel really good about something in their lives. Light From Africa Foundation gave them an opportunity to create something outside of themselves that was a reflection of themselves.”

Nontsasa Nyovane, Khayelitsha
Nontsasa feeds over 160 vulnerable children in Khayelitsha every day.
“Thank you to you for welcoming us, you have really relieved our stress and thank you for your wonderful team, meals and the massage team. WOW that really means a lot to us.”

Joyce, Cape Town
Foster Mum, Home From Home
“”I don’t know what to say, but I want to say thank you very much for everything. It was a wonderful day and I will never forget the 18th of May 2012. I learned a lot of things. GOD Bless all of us. Thank you and lots of love, Joyce”

Lissa Claasens, Hout Bay
Lissa has her own pottery studio and is an outreach Facilitator
“…They each made a sculpture motivated by the idea of ‘Something close to My Heart”, using metaphor and symbolism. One woman made a candle holder surrounded by flowers and leaves to show her hope and her mission to be a light to others. Another made hands praying over a bible. There was a village scene of Prieska, an aloe growing in the veld, and eagle and a dolphin frolicking in the sea. The women had such meaningful explanations for their pieces, and they couldn’t believe they had been so creative!”.

Kate Lagwa, Khayelitsha
GM Fikelela Children’s Home
“Thank you to you and the team for all your hard work in providing us with an incredible day! The staff feel so blessed and refreshed and I loved seeing them so happy!!!”

Jan Webster, Cape Town
Founder Coma Care on behalf of a teenage head trauma patient
“Thanks so much for guiding Dwayne today. When he got in the car he said, “Jan I hope I can come back to this place soon”. It really gave him hope. Elizabeth our care giver who was with him lives in Manenberg and has been traumatised by the recent gang violence. It was hence a double bonus that she could also appreciate an afternoon of relaxation.”

India Baird, Cape Town
“I was at Red River School in Manenberg today and one of the teachers who attended the workshop came running down the passage.  She was over the moon about the workshop and her time with you.  Thank you again for making this possible for them.”

Nicole Rudlin, Hout Bay
Life Centre – Team Leader at James House Child and Youth Care Centre
“The Clay Care workshops for our staff at Art in the Forest really helped us come back to ourselves. We often get very lost and caught up in the issues our clients are dealing with. This can be extremely draining, so much so that we don’t have energy for our own lives and our own families. The Clay Care workshops helped us remember to care for ourselves too. We always leave feeling nourished, cared for and pampered.”