Many children in South Africa come from disadvantaged backgrounds and have no access to any type of creative outlet due to government budget constraints.

Light from Africa Foundation recognizes this and strives to provide a safe environment for these children to express themselves in.

Our programs at The Light from Africa Foundation offer free clay classes to children from various partner charities and schools in the Western Cape. Besides offering free ceramic pottery classes, the staff at Light from Africa Foundation has an important focus on mentorship of artists. Part of our mission is to create jobs and harness creativity in young aspiring potters from disadvantaged backgrounds.

Registered and PBO certified, Light from Africa Foundation is managed and run by well-known South African ceramicist Anthony Shapiro. One of the things that sets Anthony apart is that he has a very good understanding of the commercial side of making and selling ceramics as well as being an award winning practicing ceramist. He is passionate about mentorship and harnessing creativity in young aspiring potters. His trademark bowls ‘ANT’ have been sold in stores locally and abroad.

The property ‘Art in the Forest’ is our studio from where out artists produce a ceramic line called ‘Forestware’ and from where we offer all of our outreach. The building and property is owned by the Light from Africa Foundation and was donated by the philanthropic couple Anthony and Carole Record in 2009. Anthony and Carole started the Light from Africa Foundation in 2004 in Noerdhoek, Cape Town before moving to our current location at Constantia Nek in 2007. They are ceramic enthusiasts and are passionate to give children a safe environment to express their creativity in.