January 2014 has started with a bang and we are offering clay and art outreach programmes on a regular basis free of charge to a wide selection of partner charities.

On Saturday 1 February we had 12 young women participate in a ‘Healing Me’ day facilitated by art therapist Tessa Whyatt. The day included:

IMG_6978Group painting – This is an opportunity for participants to engage in a group activity, and teaches respect and harmony, and grows mutual understanding and empathy. It’s also a lot of fun! and something they can be proud of achieving together.




Road of life drawing – This gives the participants a chance to make a reflective image about their lives, and to share it with the group.

They learn that everyone has problems and we need to be more understanding of people because sometimes they come from very difficult situations.

Tea and Lunch is enjoyed on the balcony with spectacular views and a natural environment




Self-boat: Using clay is relaxing and fun. Making something can feel like a real achievement and something they can be proud of. In this activity the participants are asked to make a boat that represents themselves on the ‘river of life’. They should include inside the people who are important to them, and on the outside images that represent things that help and support them in life.




Collage/ vision board: In this activity participants are asked to choose images from magazines that are meaningful to them in some way, and to focus on finding pictures about what they want for a positive future for themselves.