On Saturday 16 March, 22 kids from the organisation BEEP (Beyond Expectation Environmental Project) enjoyed a morning workshop at Art in the Forest, Constantia Nek.a

Lissa Claassens and Tessa Whyatt designed different exercises that incorporated this organisations values such as recycling and caring for the envirnoment into a fun therapeutic clay session. The kids could connect to nature in our garden, learned how to recycle clay, did various meditative pinch pot exercises, ice breakers, breath work and a clay class. car rental . b3 b









They were asked to think about qualities they admired in other people that they would like to have for themselves. They then chose an animal that represented these qualities and made it out of clay in our studio, which they will be able to take home after the final firing. This will remind them of all they have learnt at Art in the Forest during the workshop and to help them reach their aspirations of the day. The entire morning’s activities plus a healthy snack and juice is offered free of charge to these amazing teenagers!f