Daphne Corregan is an American born ceramist now living in France. She has been invited  to be the award judge at this year’s National Exhibition which opens in Pretoria on the 7 October 2012. Whilst in South Africa Daphne will present workshops in all the major centers. Her Cape Town Workshop will be on Saturday September 15.

Daphne is an accomplished ceramic artist, painter, sculptor and draughtswoman. She has traveled widely from West Africa to China and these experiences inform her work.

“Corregan works more on the representation of the object than on the object itself. She wants to demonstrate that a pot for example, by removing it from its daily context may be just as important as a sculpture or painting. She will flatten it, exaggerate its size or even highlight only one of its details. She uses diverse materials such as clay, metal, glass or bronze. She works in series and in what we might classify into three families: destructured  pots; geometric volumes; and sculpture/objects, often anthropomorphic.”( Francoise de L’Epine in Ceramics Today )

Please email ralphjinclay@telkomsa.net  to book immediately and secure your seat for this once in a lifetime opportunity to meet Daphne and revel in her creativity.