Ground Xero is a new mixed media exhibition opening on 27 October 2012 -at Art in the Forest.

‘Artist in the Forest’ – Nkosikho builds a large sculptural planter in black clay

Renewed focus on green living and current trends in garden and landscape design stimulate a demand for botanical ceramic art as well as unique sculptural pots for open air settings.

The exhibition offers a visual journey through contemporary gardening with special focus on succulents, clay, wood and earth. Participating artists include John Shirley, Dale Lambert, Eunice Botes, Rika Herbst, Anthony Shapiro, Madoda Fani, Art in the Forest Artists, Loni Drager , Loren Kaplan, Michelle Jane Legg, Nic Sithole and Marion Fuchs; ; all displayed between the beautiful glass windows of the 1956 built Bauhaus building that has become Art in the Forest.

Ground Xero exhibition is conceived of as a plea for consciousness of both one’s immediate and greater environments- hence all profits from sales will benefit the Light From Africa Foundation’s therapeutic clay programmes for vulnerable children.