We just received this wonderful feedback from Nicole Rudlin, Life Centre – Team Leader at James House Child and Youth Care Centre

CLAY CARE workshops
I think the Clay Care workshops for our staff at Art in the Forest really helped us come back to ourselves. We often get very lost and caught up in the issues our clients are dealing with. This can be extremely draining, so much so that we don’t have energy for our own lives and our own families. The Clay Care workshopshelp us remember to care for ourselves too. We always leave feeling nourished, cared for and pampered.

Youth Workshop on Self Awareness – using clay

Specialised YOUTH CARE workshops on Self Awareness and Ubuntu
“These sessions were phenomenal. The impact was marked. For many of the youth it was the first time they had ever worked with clay. They were so pleased with themselves. When they saw the end result of their efforts, many of them brimmed with pride. This was huge for these young people, who very seldom get an opportunity to feel really good about something in their lives.  Light From Africa Foundation gave them an opportunity to create something outside of themselves that was a reflection of themselves.”