Proud mums look on

On 25 August 2012, James House partnered with Light From Africa Foundation to offer a special graduation ceremony for the young men who have successfully completed the BOYS QUEST MANAGEMENT PROGRAMME at James House, Hout Bay.

Mums and other family members watched on in delight as the boys received their certificates at the gorgeous ART in the FOREST venue. 

The Graduates

More info about the programme
A Behavioural Management Programme, Boys Quest is a pilot project run on behalf of the Department of Social Development. Launched in August for boys from Hout Bay with severe behavioural challenges, it is a project designed to provide vision and direction in the lives of the boys, and to develop among them healthy coping mechanisms and appropriate social skills.  All these boys are at risk of being removed from their families and placed in institutions, and the project aims to prevent this.  There are three parts to BoysQuest– Group Therapy and Life Skills sessions for the children, Family Support and also Teacher Support.