Galia Gluckman,who was born in Israel and raised in Durban has spent the last 13 years living in New York and London. She has recently returned to Cape Town with her husband Gary and children Ella 6 & Levi 3.

Galia developed a unique paper mosaic like technique using layers of recycled magazine and cardboard to create larger than life artworks.  She has been featured in The Oprah Magazine, USA Interior Design Magazine, Good Taste, and most recently featured in the Arts & Culture section of both the Guardian and The New Age News Paper. She has sold her work internationally.

This internationally acclaimed artist will be hosting a paper mosaic workshop at Art in the Forest on:

Sunday 4 March 2012 at 10 am- 1pm.

Email to secure your seat.

Cost : R300

Bring your lunch to enjoy in our beautiful garden after the workshop.

More on Galia:

Galia’s most recent achievement: On December 4, 2011 the city of Great Neck,New York unveiled a permanent mosaic art piece “Sunset on the Sound” by famed local South African artist, Galia Gluckman.  Commuters passing through the Great Neck station of the Long Island Railroad are now warmly greeted by this beautiful inspiring art piece of a sun setting over the Long Island Sound.  The work was commissioned by Mayor Jean Celender, as part of the beatification project for the Great Neck trainstation.

Winner of the 2009 World Art Expo in New York City, Gluckman was awarded Best Overall Green Piece for her creative use of recycled papers and low-impact materials in a collage.

“I take great pride in turning pieces of paper that might otherwise go into landfills into works of art,” said Gluckman, who collects magazines and other disposable materials, which she cuts into tiny pieces and transforms into vibrant mosaics.

As an artist, my larger objective being to shape our world into a more humane habitat.  I believe we humans are part of the natural world,our bodies, thoughts and habitats are shaped by the physical, chemical and biological process that sustain the earth. I have always believed what we leave behind defines who we are.  My view of the world is as a good place, and depicting nature becomes almost like an affirmation through the artwork. There is a joy of showing how I see the world. Bringing nature to where we live is inspiring and my art is about bringing the viewer into tranquility.”

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